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This keychain with UV light helps create a glowing make up or painting. We recommend for you to purchase this easily transportable UV light with any other UV glow product order.


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When you create UV glow make up or paint, there isn't always UV light around. This easily transportable UV light keychain is a help in need. With it, you can easily check your UV glow make up.

We recommend for you to purchase this keychain with any other UV glow product order. The keychain is easy to use: just press the switch, and the UV light will be switched on. There is a "stopper" on top of the switch, which prevents the button being pressed down by itself. The stopper can also be used, when the UV keychain is not in use, so the keychain doesn't run out of battery.

This keychain has a pre-installed battery, which is replaceable. The keychain works with four LR41 batteries, which can be replaced by unscrewing the end of the keychain.

The name of the manufacturer (PaintGlow) is printed on the keychain. The keyring is included in the delivery, and the keychain is ready for immediate use.

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