UV Neon Hair Chalk

With a hair chalk, it is easy to make UV glow highlights without getting your hands dirty. The hair chalk will be delivered in an easy-to-use packaging. This chalk works better with a long hair, and therefore, is not recommended for a very short hair. The best effect is created, when combining several different colours.


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A hair chalk can be used for making highlights. The chalk is delivered in a thin, round package, which can be used for spreading the chalk on the hair. After some practice, spreading the chalk, becomes easy. We recommend this product for a longer hair, as the hair chalk doesn't necessarely work well with a very short hair. This UV glow hair gel is a more suitable product for a short hair.

Spreading this chalk is easy. There is a sponge included in the delivery. Attach the sponge inside the case. As you close the case, there is still space between the sponge and the chalk, in which you can fit a portion of your hair. Move the closed case downwards along the hair, and the chalk will leave highlights on it. The best effect comes, when the chalk is used on a same spot more than once.

For impressive effects, we recommend for you to combine a range of colours. You can create one highlight next to another, or you can glide colours: the colour on the roots is different than the colour on the hair tips.

The hair chalk is easy to wash off with normal shampoo. Thus it's perfect for a funky May Day look without having to do a permanent makeover to your hair.

These chalks can be used in a daylight, but they are at their best in the UV light. With the UV light, you can bring more life into your hairdo, which cannot be seen in a normal daylight. In a normal daylight these highlights will resemble neon colours. 

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