Where to get cheap glowsticks?

From Valotikut.fi of course! We buy our sticks from big, European wholesalers or we import them by ourselves from manufacturer's warehouse, so we can guarantee also the price and the quality. You can get glowsticks for all occasions from us.


We test all our products before we put them up for sale. Our glowsticks will glow at least for the time that we promise and they won't fade out within the first our, like other sticks you can get on market. Sticks will not break on your hands and will not cause danger if handled correctly.

A chemical reaction, chemiluminescence, which occures in glowsticks, is possible to create in several different ways. We only use ingredients that have been discovered safe, ingredients which will not corrode or irritate the skin. Some of the cheaper glowsticks sold elsewhere may been manufactered so that the ingredients used in them may cause serious harm for health.


Most of our products have an europian CE-marking, which means that the manufacturer guarantees that the product fulfills European safety regulations. We take safety very seriously, and we will tell what our products are made of and which kind of dangers they may cause. 

Some of the retailers sell glowsticks and led-products marketing them as glowing drink sticks. Our glowsticks will in no case be suitable to use as drinksticks, because they contain glass. Usually all glowsticks on the market contain glass, so if you see someone selling glowsticks worth few ten cents marketed as drinksticks, don't believe it.

There is of course some glowsticks on the market to be used as drinksticks, but these glowsticks are more rare and can be priced even ten times more than regular glowsticks. Glowsticks and other glowing products made to be used as drinksticks are usually considerably better quality than normal glowsticks. There is lots of cheap copies on the market, that you shouldn't use as drinksticks for the sake of your health. Using wrong kind of glowsticks and led-products as drinksticks can be very dangerous for your health. 

If some of our glowsticks can be used as drinksticks, it will be noted separately. Price is usually higher then and we can guarantee that our product is safe to be used in drinks. 

Ingredients used in our other glowsticks won't corrode the skin, nor they are dangerous if getting in touch with the skin, but we do recommend you to rinse off the exposed skin area. If got inside the body, these ingredients may cause some damage, so contact your doctor immediately if this happens. Do not give glowsticks to a small child without supervision because of the chance of swallowing or breaking the product.

If used visely, all our products are safe and will not cause any harm to your health.

What should I do, if the product breaks?

Sometimes, especially glowsticks, can get broken. Usually this is shown as a breakage of the outer shell, when ingredients leak out of the tube. Breakage of the outer shell is usually caused by the glass inside, so throw the glowstick away as fast as possible and rinse off your hands.

Quick delivery

Usually we can deliver all the products in our selection straight from our own warehouse. Orders will be handled ja shipped usually by the next business day after receiving the order. 

For example shipping to Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä, Oulu and other big cities the time of shipping is usually just one business day. Elsewhere in Finland the shipping time is 1-2 days.